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The Drake Foundation – founding funder

The Drake Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to understanding and improving the health and welfare of sports players through scientific research and collaboration. Launched in 2014, the Foundation has already invested over £2 million into research funding and open access resources.

Much of the Foundation’s work to date has centered on concussion and head injuries in sport; knowledge that will serve not only to improve sports safety but also provide valuable insight into the processes underlying neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia.

At present, The Drake Foundation is funding several ongoing studies across football and rugby, working with teams in the football Premier League; Premiership and Championship rugby union leagues; and leading researchers across the UK and beyond.

With multiple ground-breaking concussion projects underway, the Foundation is also growing their portfolio of research funding to investigate the long-term effects of playing and retiring from professional sport on mental and physical health, with the Drake Football Study being the first project in this area.



The World Players’ Union, FIFPRO


FIFPRO is the worldwide representative organisation for all professional footballers; more than 60,000 players in total, male and female. The World Players’ Union currently has 65 national players’ associations as their members. Five candidate members and four observers hope to join FIFPRO in the near future.

The mission ‘FIFPRO supports players’ and our mission statement ‘FIFPRO is the exclusive collective voice of the world’s professional footballers’ are key principles. These are the two guiding foundations that underpin FIFPRO’s activities.


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University Medical Centers Amsterdam


Mehiläinen NEO Hospital


Push Sports

The Push Sports Braces line has been developed by a team of experienced specialists in close cooperation with athletes and sports professionals and offers exactly what the user wants. The efficient use of high-quality materials results in a line of ultra-thin and very comfortable sport braces. Braces that support joints when exercising and that due to their slender design are ideal for use in training shoes and under sportswear. The Push Sports line has been developed from the medical background of Push Braces. Each brace has a well-thought out function, optimally suited to healthy and safe exercise.

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